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Welcome to Taco Time Regina

We are pleased to welcome you to the redesigned Taco Time Regina’s website. We wanted our website to showcase a few things about our business – our 5 awesome Regina locations, our delicious menu items, and some great images of our staff and the locations throughout! We are thrilled to have something as fresh, updated, and functional.

Our friends at Trusted Marketing Services were up for the task of building a new Taco Time website so that it works for our business, and we are very happy with the outcome. Their team took charge and really made the process smooth for us.  They organized and set up our menu, took some awesome photos at each location, created a great site, and took us through the entire start to finish site building process with ease.

Here are some of the new site features:

main Taco Time Regina location page that links to each of our 5 location Pages with convenient address, hours, map location, and more!

An easy to read, visually appealing menu on both the Homepage and on it’s own Menu page. That’s where you can read about our Weekly Specials. Or stay tuned to our News section to read more about special promotions we have going on!

Oh yeah, and while you’re there check out any one of the individual menu items to see a description of the delicious, authentic, and fresh food. Want to try a Burrito Bowl, a Fish Taco, or maybe make a meal a combo with a drink and a side for only $3.69 more! You know you can’t resist those hot and crispy mexi-fries with that spicy hot sauce. Try something new each time and be impressed with the authentic taste and our fresh, quality ingredients – prepared daily!

Read a bit more about the history of Taco Time in Canada on our About page and see some cool Taco Time facts – like how much hot sauce we go through (hint: it’s a lot!!!). We do love Regina and are proud to be part of this awesome community and stay tuned for more to come on our amazing Taco Time Regina team.

Authentic Taste, fresh food, and service you can count on! See you at any one of our 5 Regina locations soon!